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Immerse Yourself in the Therapeutic World of Aromatherapy Oils

Explore our diverse collection of natural essences and unlock their potential to soothe, heal, and uplift both mind and body.


Elevate Your Well-Being with Nature's Soothing Aromatherapy Oils

Supporting the Whole Person

When used in the correct manner, essential oils can provide wonderful support to patients through conventional treatments and during the recovery process.

Aromatherapy can be most beneficial when used for stress-related conditions, nervous and emotional complaints, skin disorders, respiratory problems, and a vast array of health issues.

It can also deliver an exceptional stress-relieving experience to the caregiver in both clinical and domestic settings.

We offer auxiliary therapies - in the form of professional guidance and aromatherapy oil care packages - with the support and consent of the clinical team and caregivers.

Patient & Care Giver Support Programme

This programme is delivered by clinical educators in aromatherapy within your sector of choice.

Our educators can create a bespoke plan in accordance with your needs and area of deployment. An assessment and plan are presented and approved before deployment in your clinical setting.

We have professionals available to deliver the support and guidance needed for each patient. Our clinical aromatherapists help patients to understand their conditions, recognise the medicinal benefits of essential oils, and look at contraindications from initial diagnosis and beyond.
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Educational Wellness Support

Putting your staff and patients first

Our Healthcare team offers in-situ Essential Oil training and Wellbeing Workplace Support Programs.

Providing an agile, responsive partnership to assist you in supporting your Healthcare Teams is a key priority when working with us. Your staff may use essential oils to prepare patients for stressful procedures or surgery. While taking time restrictions into account, we adapt educational programs in many clinical settings that suit the specific needs of Healthcare Professionals in their area of specialty and employment.

In supporting patients, essential oil use may be most beneficial for stress-related conditions, nervous and emotional complaints, skin disorders, respiratory problems, and a vast array of health issues.

Ogam Aromatherapy also aims to support Healthcare Professionals to operate in the full of their health consistently by engaging our Workplace Wellbeing Support Programs. Through our Integrative approach, Clinical Aromatherapy may also be used to prevent the build-up of stress and the onset of ill health, fatigue and burn-out associated with the responsibility and pace of roles within national healthcare systems.
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