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Our Roots
Our Roots 8th April 2021

25 years of wellbeing - from the inside out.  

Natural Alternatives were at the forefront of our mind when we embarked on the Ogam Aromatherapy journey over 25 years ago. Our Founder’s approach encompassed a wealth of experience as a Cosmetic Product Consultant, a Reflexologist and as a Medical Herbalist to create a natural marketplace for wellbeing products all over Ireland. By infusing a holistic approach to how and where our products became available and who we sold them to, has continued to support our reputation as Ireland’s number one aromatherapy supplier today. 

As the daughter of the Founder, I quickly realised that the same need for natural alternatives exists just as strongly today (if not more so!) as it did 25 years ago. Today's population are becoming increasingly more aware of natural health based products, and the health benefits that they bring. By harnessing our original ethos of ’Nature Knows Best’ - it has allowed me to evolve Ogam and transition our brand within the many challenges we all face today. We do this while continuing to strive in offering you only the best in holistic wellbeing support. We listen, understand and most of all, we care. As we enter new markets, we continue to grow our new ranges to help sustain the support you deserve today, in this modern, fast-paced life. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey and supporting our brand, we've no doubt you will feel its benefits!