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In-Situ Patient & Carer Programs
In-Situ Patient & Carer Programs 23rd April 2021

Our Clinical in-situ solutions deliver an exceptional experience to both Patients and their Carer partners. While using essential oils and related products is not an alternative to orthodox treatment, it is used to support the patient through conventional treatment. We offer auxiliary therapies with the support and consent of the clinical team.  

Patient & Caregiver Support Program
This is a patient and caregiver support program delivered by clinical Educators in Aromatherapy in your sector of choice. Our Educators can create a bespoke plan in accordance to your needs and area of deployment. An assessment and plan will be presented and approved before deployment in your clinical setting.  

We have professionals available to deliver the support and guidance needed for each patient. Our Clinical Aromatherapists help patients to understand their conditions, recognise the medicinal benefits of essential oils, and look at contraindications from initial diagnosis and beyond.

Non-Adherence Personalised Care Plans

Some of our Wellness experts are also trained in health psychology techniques, which are shown to help patients cope and reduce anxiety, fatigue and depression. We use Health Psychology to understand the true drivers of non-adherence and develop personalised care plans.

This program is designed to offer a tailored solution for each patient or caregiver. It offers an integrated holistic approach that blends the science of Western conventional medicine, the art of Eastern medicine and the support of Complementary Therapies to help rebuild and support your patients at their lowest ebb adapting their needs with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.