The Apothecary

The Apothecary

The Bottling Room

In the bottling room Joanne & Caitriona bottle our range of aromatherapy oils and creams.



The products are made in medium batches, usually 50 to 100 units at a time.

We never hold large stocks of our products, choosing instead to manufacture only as needed. In this way we ensure that the products you receive from us are as fresh as possible.


Creams and Lotions

Our Face creams are all made in the same way, small batches of our base cream is mixed with aromatherapy oils to create a light texture that is gentle on your skin.

Lighter and finer oils are used for face creams and sensitive areas of your body.


We are often asked to do bespoke blending, choosing oils of your preference for your needs to help heal your ailments.



Our shampoos are mixed with our Aromatherapy oils alongside our native Ogam Irish Tree Oils to create our popular shampoo range which includes a scalp treatment shampoo and conditioner.


These are great products for specific skin sensitivities as they are extremely gentle on the scalp and leave the hair feeling super clean with no residue.


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