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Santalum album

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Skin ďż˝ soothes dry and irritated skins; good for eczema; also reduces high skin colouring. Nervous ďż˝ soothes tension and relieves stress; good for insomnia and anxiety. Respiratory ďż˝ throat and chest infections, bronchitis; calms dry and tickly coughs. Urinary ďż˝ good for infections and cystitis and has a cleansing effect on the kidneys.


A medium sized tree which is part of the same botanical family as the European mistletoe. Grown in India, Pakistan and Nepal many trees are illegally cut down as sandalwood oil has risen to thousands of pounds per kilogram. The main source of true sandalwood is a protected species and demand for it cannot be met. The timber, inner heartwood and roots of the Sandalwood tree are used to make the essential oil which is extracted by steam distillation.


A blend for a massage ďż˝ beneficial for oily skin 5 drops of Sandalwood 5 drops of lavender 5 drops of geranium In 50ml of a carrier oil


Sandalwood essential oil was popular in medicine up to the 1930�s, mostly as a urogenital and skin antiseptic. It has antimicrobial properties and is used in aromatherapy and soaps, and this soap is good for clearing skin from blackheads and spots. Sandalwood paste is very important in the Hindu religion used in their rituals and ceremonies. It is distributed to devotees, who apply it to their foreheads or their n ecks and chests. Preparation of the paste is a duty fit only for the pure, so is entrusted in temples and during ceremonies only


No known contraindications

Product Code: SAN5

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