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Citrus aurantifolia

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Skin ďż˝ when externally applied, great for infections of the skin and on wounds. Good for psoriasis and rashes; good for mature skin as it gently nurtures and rejuvenates mature skin. Digestive ďż˝ stimulates the appetite. Respiratory ďż˝ good for fighting bronchitis, also good for infections such as flu, mumps and colds. Nervous ďż˝ very good for anxiety, also for symptoms of depression and apathy.


This tree and fruit were originally from Asia, but now is cultivated in many warm countries especially the India, West Indies, Italy and South America. It is an ever green tree growing up to 15 feet in height. The fruit is bright green and the oil is extracted by expression or by distillation and the peel of the unripe skin is used.


A blend for aching and tired muscles for the bath 3 drops of Lime 2 drops of Black Pepper 1 drop of Vetiver Add to an emulsifier such as a tablespoon of milk and mix into a warm bath just before you get in


The European and Native American cultures used the blossoms of the Lime tree to make medicinal tea. This tea was used to calm nerves and ease anxiety and tension. It has also been used to calm the mind and induce sleep. To prevent scurvy during the 19th Century, British sailors were issued a daily allowance of citrus, such as lemons and later switched to lime, which was not as effective at preventing scurvy but was easier to obtain in Britain�s Caribbean colonies.


Certain Lime oils may be phototoxic so do not use for at least 24 hours before going into the sun or going on a sun bed

Product Code: LI10

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