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Jasminum grandiflorum

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Skin ďż˝ encourages cell renewal thus heals scar tissues and reduces stretch marks; hydrates and soothes dry, mature skin and increases elasticity. Nervous ďż˝ improves self confidence, optimism, lifts depression and calms nerves. Reproductive/Endocrine ďż˝ balances hormones in PMT and menopause; eases child labour pains and speeds up delivery.


A wonderful aromatic, sensual and sweet white flower. It is grown in China, India, Egypt and many Mediterranean countries. The oil was traditionally extracted by enfleurage (an old extraction process that produces a waxy substance ďż˝ labour intensive and expensive). Usually now, a concrete is produced by solvent extraction and further to that an absolute may then be steam distilled to produce the essential oil.


A blend for the bath 2 drops Jasmine 1 drop Vetiver 1 drop Bergamot Mix oils in an emulsifier such as quarter cup of milk (An emulsifier is necessary when blending essential oils as oil and water do not mix so by firstly blending them in milk or perhaps an alcohol like vodka makes them stay blended together and will be distributed evenly in your bath).


It is harvested at night or very early morning by hand so the distiller gets the highest yield of quality oil. Various countries of the world have used jasmine in perfume for centuries. History denotes that the enchanting aroma of Jasmine flowers encircle the evening time with the magic of love, mystical thoughts, psychic dreams and endless fascination. The Jasmine flower is the national flower of Pakistan and its shield is represented by a wreath of Jasmine flowers.


Not recommended during pregnancy as it is a �parturient� meaning it strengthens uterine contractions, so is only useful at the end of pregnancy while in labour Might cause skin irritation, so use in low dilution when applying to the skin such as with massage oils and in the bath

Product Code: JAS5

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