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Citrus paradise

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Skin ďż˝ an astringent so good for dull and oily skin including acne Digestive ďż˝ stimulates the digestive system. Lypmhatic ďż˝ a diuretic thus reduces water retention and oedema; helps cellulite. Nervous ďż˝ uplifting and refreshing thus revives depressed and stressed moods. Immune ďż˝ stimulates immunity and helps to prevent colds and flu General ďż˝ good for fatigue, jet lag, morning tiredness.


A subtropical citrus tree with sour to semi sweet large fruit grown in tropical Asia, the West Indies, China and USA. The fruit peel is used for the oil which is extracted by expression. A wonderful, sunny aroma which brings sunshine with it!


A Blend to �freshen� for the burner 5 drops Grapefruit 5 drops Sweet Orange 2 drops Ylang Ylang


There is speculation about the real origin of this fruit with one theory that this fruit was originally found in Barbados. Another is that it was native to the tropical regions of Asia and is said to have been brought to Europe by medieval Arab traders. It is a great deodorizer (remove or conceal an unpleasant smell) and adds a wonderful scent to a room in a spray or added to dried flowers.


Should be treated as phototoxic, so avoid direct sunlight or sunbeds for at least 24 hours after use May sometimes cause skin irritation so use in low dilutions (1%) when applying to the skin such as massage or bath oil

Product Code: GRA10

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